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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 24, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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doing in your life. ♪ ♪ i'll ask dr. ben carson what it was like to debate donald trump. and i'll talk to a man that ran one of the most successful presidential campaigns ever. plus, speaking of fights, i'll talk live with boxing legend and trump supporter, don king.
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and i may give him some pointers in the ring. i am practicing because i think it's important that any commander in chief needs to be in great, physical shape. just how important is a president's health and stamina? i get physical to find out. it's tonight's street justice. >> to be commander in chief, you have to be able to lift the big ones. >> justice starts now. breaking tonight, less than 48 hours until the one on one match-up america's been waiting for. hello, and welcome to justice, i'm judge jeanine pier row. thanks for being with us tonight. preview of the first presidential debate throughout the hour, but first my opening statement. 48 hours from what will be one of the biggest television events in history. the first presidential debate
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between hillary clinton and donald trump. right now the race is neck and neck, it may even be a photo finish, so the pressure is on. my advice to the candidates, donald, it's real simple, you're new at this, but if you are yourself, you will obliterate here like you did those 16 others on those republican primary debate stages. now your opponent cannot handle the truth. she can't handle a direct question nor is she able to give a direct response. do not let her do the washington two-step. stay on offense without being offensive. and do not let the fact that she's a female stop you from going after her. she wants to be the leader of the free world, gender is irrelevant. make her prove that she's up to
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it, both mentally, physically, and historically. make her tell the truth, if the moderator makes her interrupt you, you do the same. if she misrepresents the facts, which she is sure to do, interrupt her and hold her feet to the fire. make sure outline what exactly she's done for us and our pocketbooks as opposed to hers. and how is it that she's worst hundreds of millions of dollars without a business, a product, or even a website. what case can she make for herself and what has she done for the american people in the last 30 years? now donald, we don't expect you to know everything, you're not a politician, and that's what we like about you. we honestly don't give a damn if you don't know who the prime minister of yoouz beck stan is, neither do we.
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and that's not what brought us here tonight. it's your ideas, it's your beliefs, it's your passion, it's the nationalism, it's the american dream that you make us believe is possible for us again. it's we americans who you remind us of the ones who need to be the dreamers. now you're a smart man, donald, this is the time to be presidential. no smirks, no faces. be the man that i've known for decades. the one who's always working, who never gives up. who loves the american worker. is candidate to whomever approaches him, who walks down the street long before he ran for office, willing to shake the hands of the hard hat, a police officer, or a simple tourist. the man who raised three of the most incredible adult children
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that i have ever had the privilege to watch grow. and to you, hillary, now, i know you're practicing in front of that mirror with your note cards asking mirror, mirror, on the wall, which hillary will the best most electable of them all? i have an idea, hillary, how about you be yourself. cold, calculating, imperialistic, willing to lie, willing to rope off the press so you don't have to answer their questions. how dare they demand answers from a woman of your stature? and while you're at it, maybe you can explain calling millions of americans, who want only to be safe and provide for their families, deplorables. that's right. deplorables. while you came to be a department of justice and an fbi
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untouchable. and hillary, don't shy away from talking about your record, the state of the world in chaos with you in charge of foreign policy, unless, of course, you don't want to. and i wouldn't blame you. maybe you can say you just, short-circuited or that brain clot has obliterated that memory too. and that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitte twitter, #judgejeanine. so what can we all expect on monday night? could we see a moment as memorable as this one? >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience.
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>> that was 73-year-old ronald reagan running for reelection as the oldest president in american history in 1984. the joke reagan useto address critics about his age that night went down as one of the most famous moments in presidential debate history and reminded americans what they loved about their president. my next guest is actually the man who ran that historic campaign, a man who knows a thing or two about presidential debates, veteran republican strategist, chairman of the great american pack and i got to tell you, and that is one of the most infamous, memorable lines in politics. >> ronald reagan had a great core of beliefs and also had a great ability to live the lines and he got it in his head, always practice lines, he was a writer. he basically, better speech writer than most of the speech writers than peggy newman who will tell you. everything he touched he made better. the key thing is historically
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presidents don't do well in the debates because no one speaks harshly to them. they're set on a pedestal, he came back the second debate that had that memorable line, and basically knocked it out of the ball park and won a great reelection. >> you know what's interesting about this. from the beginning there were those, including myself, who likened donald trump to reagan. there's a certain charisma and television prowess that each has, the control of the stage, the camera, she doesn't have that. >> she not only doesn't have that -- you gave a great opening there and that would be perfect for him to give. the thing i think he has to do is not worry about her. this is about him. he had 14 years on television. he was a big superstar on television. it wasn't the celebrities or the apprentices, it was him, every week a major of the americans who watched americans turned on his show for a long time. he can stand on that stage and basically talk about why he wants to lead this country.
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what i would argue is that i've worked for three presidents, i worked in two white houses. a president makes decisions. every single day of president has three or four decisions he has to make. and they're in conflict. transportation wants something, state wants something else. all the options -- there's no easy answers. president every day has to sit there and make three or four very tough decisions. a lot of work goes into it. a lot of arguments take place. he can make decisions. he's lived in an environment in which he's made tough decisions for 30 years. >> i don't think anyone really has a question about that. what i am wondering is how you handle a woman who will talk nonstop, who will filibustefili interrupt you, we is that true with the bernie sanders debates, and who doesn't answer a question. >> you just move on. do your own story. what i would say after saying how i can make decisions. she can't. let's look at the decisions she made. she talked in her campaign last time about the red phone. who do you want answer at 3:00 in the morning? the phone did ring, it was benghazi and it was our american
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ambassador and people who wanted to be rescued. she didn't make the right decision. she didn't make the right decision in syria, lebanon, her husband was also a terrible decision-maker. >> charming man, great campaigner, much better campaigner than she is. at the end of the day, not a decision-make per. >> now six weeks ago, hillary was ahead. now they are neck and neck. and the swing states are getting even crazier right now. does she dance or does she attack him? >> i think she attacks him. i think she's wanted this game. she's a substantive woman and has policy thought and she'd be a good policy walk to have on staff of committee somewhere. but she's not a leader. >> what does she do, names? >> not names as much as the substance or pin paint things she said or not said and try to make cases out of that. he needs to brush it aside and keep moving forward. he needs to know what he's going to say and not get dragged into her argument. what's happening in the difference of the campaign is right after the convention, for a couple months, trump stumbled.
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and it was about him. now, it's about her. and you've got to keep it about her. >> and what should shiz tone be? should it be sincere, sthould be indignation? >> there's a word we always use, presidential. and presidents don't yell and scream at other people, at least not in public. you basically great confidence. and he does have confidence. and he needs to project that confidence. >> and, for her, from her perspective, she needs to show that she's unfit. how is she going to try to get under his skin? >> she's going to do that. stupid thing on the bringing mark cuban to the debate. you made it in the world federation of wrestling and countered with the jennifer flowers. >> she tweeted, she's ready. she's going to show up. >> at the end of the day, this doesn't need to be a clown act. there's two serious people on the stage. and if you have 80 million is the most who's ever watched. . that was the first carter carter, reagan debate. i think this is be 90 or probably 10 million people are going to switch their vote or
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like a vote in that election. that's the difference. so historically, people say debates don't matter, this one matters. >> because it is so close and that middle ground matter. >> and people have not made up their mind and the sale has not been made by either candidate. this is the chance toe make the sale. >> all right. ed rollins, it's truly an honor to have you here. >> my pleasure. thank you very much. and earlier, i spoke with former gop presidential candidate, dr. ben carson about the first presidential debate, take a look. dr. carson, thanks so much for being with us. now, you know better than anyone what it's like to be on that debate stage with donald j. trump. and monday night will be probably the most watched political event of -- in history. so, as man who was on that stage with trump, what's it like? >> actually, it's fun. it's fun being on the stage with him because he's entertaining, and you never quite know what's going to come out of his mouth.
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but what you do know is that what he says is what he believes. and i think that's probably one of the most refreshing things about him. you know, he does not talk about stuff that people say you've got to say this if he doesn't believe that. >> uh-huh. and you know, before the debate, let me ask you this, before the debate, when all of you were together dwb you chitchat among yourselves or, you know, it was war and you're my enemy and i'm going to destroy you? >> no. everybody was extreme extremeextremely cordial offstage, there was no question about that. >> do you expect that that's the case, that that'll be the case with hillary and donald? >> no. i don't think so. because things have changed. and, you know, he remembers, you know, people who are nice to him, people who are not nice to him. and really doesn't do a lot of
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pretending on that stage. >> what do you expect to see from donald in that first debate? >> i think he's going to be laser-focussed on the issues. he is extraordinarily cognizant of the fact that there's going to be an attempt to irritate him. to get under his skin, and to get him off track. because if they can make it about donald trump versus the issues, which they don't have a chance when it comes to the issues, that's what they're going to do. he knows that. everybody's told him that. but also, he is a smart individual. and he's able to figure it out for himself. he knows what they're trying to do. >> well, you know, you mentioned it yourself, with donald trump, it certainly was entertaining and he, he beat out 16 other candidates. based on the fact that he knows television, he's entertaining, and he was likable. i mean, people liked him and people related to him.
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but, hillary clinton, it seems to me, is going to be someone who will try to make herself the more knowledgeable person and try, i'm sure, to, you know, kind of make him, you know, not know the name of a country or prime minister or something like that. and there's no question that he's not as well-versed in some names and issues the ways she is. how is he going to handle that? >> well, you know, he'll simply say, you know, i know that you've been secretary of state, i know you've been united states senator, i know you've been the first lady and are familiar with a lot of the details that people who have not had those positions would not have. but bear in mind, i have access to some of the most brilliant people on the face of the earth, and they're willing to work diligently to help make america great again. that's all he has to say. >> so, you know, he knows, and the fact is that he is out
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talking to tens of thousands of people while she's on lockdown for the day, in the days before the debate. so, i mean, i know that what candidates do is they go in and they study their cards and they look in the mirror and they practice, you know, how they're going to answer, how they look, you know, when they're going hit the zinger. what works and what doesn't work. does hillary really know what's coming at her with donald trump? does anyone know? >> hillary doesn't know, that's for sure. because he's not going to be your traditional candidate. in the sense of the moderator may want to say something and move on, he'll say, excuse me, i don't think we're quite finished with this yet. the question has not been answered. and she's not used to that. so it'll be very interesting to see how she reacts to that. >> there are a lot of people, doctors with who are talking about the difference in the sexes of male, female, do you
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think that people are that sensitive to it or do you think that people will look beyond that, given that they're looking for a powerful person in the commander in chief, irrespective of the the gender? >> i think a lot of people will look at the gender thing. to them, it's a big deal. but the fact of the matter is, a lot of people and particularly women do not find hillary clinton to be an attractive candidate just because she's a woman. they look at things much more important than that. like the well being of the country, about the future of their children. donald trump, over the years, has dealt, you know, multiple times with women at every level. and bear in mind when it wasn't popular to have women in executive and he's been on the forefront and look at the tape
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of jesse jackson several years ago. crazy for the incredible impact we've had on african americans in terms of jobs. you know, these are things you just don't get a chance to hear about. >> all right. well this is a debate, we'll be looking forward to. dr. ben carson, thanks for being with us tonight. >> it's a pleasure, judge. >> thank you. still ahead tonight, i'll talk a little donald trump with boxing promoter don king. and if you think he's tough. check this out. to run for office, you have to be able to take a beating. you also have to be to give a beating. then i hit the gym for street justice to ask americans just how important a candidate's health and physical fitness really is. let's pump some iron and justice rolls on. do you think either of the candidates are really in great physical shape? >> no. i thought i married an italian. did the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian.
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so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
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breaking tonight, police in charlotte, north carolina, have released the much-anticipated video and still pictures relating to the pay itle to shooting of an african american man that touched off the riots in the streets this week.
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let's go to steve harrigan live in north carolina. >> reporter: there's been heavy pressure to release these videos and a short time ago, the charlotte police did just that. caution at the start that some people might find some of the images disturbing. two bits of video. one from a body cam worn by officer not involved directly in the shooting, and the second, more telling, from the dash cam on that dash cam video, you can actually see keith scott coming out of his vehicle, four shots being fired. now, what is key in this is what you don't learn from the video. and we've heard from both sides and the chief of police here in charlotte as well as attorneys for the family of scott, both using the same word, inconclusive. what can you see in scott's hands, a weapon? that is still inconclusive. the protesters shouting show us
9:24 pm
the tapes. concern that the police had something to hide. now they're showing that video. it's out there. as far as the protests themselves, after two nights of heavy violence here in charlotte, the past two nights have been relatively quiet. demonstrators just about 500 over the past two nights. better organized, more calm, we're not seeing any destruction of property, and very few arrests as they begin to make their way around the city once again this evening. judge, back to you. >> thanks, steve. and who's going to win the first debate? my political panel is on deck ready to do battle. and speaking of fighting, boxes promoter don king is also here to talk trump. and if he's lucky, i may put the gloves on. street justice is coming up. i am practicing because i think it's important that any commander in chief needs to be in great physical shape and as you will be able to tell, i
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. >> this is a fox news alert. the suspect in a deadly washington shooting is now in custody. police say the 20-year-old walked into the cascade mall friday night, opening fire inside of a mace ease' and five people were killed. the arrest, seen here comes 24 hours after the shooting in his hometown of oak harbor, about 28 miles from the crime scene. right now, we're waiting a news conference from washington state patrol on his arrest. we may learn more about a possible motive in the news conference. the first 911 call coming in just before 7:00 p.m. on a busy friday night. we're going to have more as soon
9:30 pm
as the news conference begins we'll take it to you live when it begins. jeanine. log on to a huge week ahead in the battle for the white house. the first pivotal presidential debate that could change everything is lesds than 48 hours away. so, let's get right to it with my political panel, republican strategist and fox news contributor, tony, and democratic strategist and principle mary-ann. okay guys, mary-ann, now, hillary clinton has spent the last few months calling donald trump's names, he's a racist, and now, is she going to talk policy or is she going to keep calling him names? >> i think with hillary clinton's going to do, she's preparing for a debate and a
9:31 pm
performance. policy and how problems are going to get fixed and she's #. >> is you're classically trained and someone who's ran for office five times donald trump is a showman. they're going to have very different styles. irrespective of the substance. >> well, i think their styles are different, i don't know any successful politician and especially any woman who doesn't prepare and do their homework. and that's what hillary clinton's comfortable doing. donald trump is preparing, i think, much more than his campaign's letting on. i think they're trying to manage expectations there, he's preparing more for a performance. and i think the more, the more that debate is a performance, than a debate, the better for donald trump. if this is more about a debate, a real debate with problems and
9:32 pm
policies and things you have to be held accountable for, the better for hillary clinton. >> go ahead, tony. >> judge, we all know that presidential debates are largely performances since the first real one that's ever been covered, the nixon-kennedy debate. nixon came across smarter, more knowledgeable, but ken by was better and caved through the camera. debates are not judged by the oxford style point system by which you get the most points depending on how many great things you say. there are moments that get to move people and reveal a part of your penalty. and with donald trump, i think you've seen him actually preparing in plain sight. up until now, since especially the last few weeks, he's been going city by city across america making major policy speeches, immigration and in phoenix, racial in detroit. economic speeches in both detroit and new york. youngstown, isis, pittsburgh, energy, and -- >> mary-ann, you can't deny mary-ann the fact that from the nixon/kennedy debate that
9:33 pm
appearances matter. and appearances in terms of friendliness, likability, i mean, americans want someone that's got kind of a sense of humor, who's likable, who's one of the guys, one of the gals, whatever. >> no question about it, vote verse to know and like you before they believe and trust you. both candidates have high unfavorability ratings. they have to connect with the voters. here's what's difference about this debate in particular. there's a very small slice of voters left. this isn't about pumping up the trump supporters and pumping up the clinton supporters. it's that small slice of undecided, white college educated voters. it's about persuading them, to move them one way or the other in this debate. and that's what this is going to do. last point, this debate lasts 13 days. this will define the 13 cays after this debate. you hit the second dna bait, there's only 30 days left in the kpanl. that's going to tell us a lot right there. >> look -- >> go ahead, tony. >> this debate is not happening in a vacuum, hillary clinton has had the worst month in her
9:34 pm
entire campaign. the burden is on her to change the trajectory of the race -- >> given the fact that she is in such a mess right now, doesn't she need to deliver a knockout punch? >> and that's the exact point and in doing so, she also risks and exposes herself to also maybe having an appearance that blows back on her as well. mary-ann is corroborating what i've been hearing from democrats all week. they hate the state of the race right now. they think she's focussed on demonizing donald trump, that's not working. they think she has better ideas, they want her to talk about that, but fox news alert a suspect in custody there, let's listen. >> we're able to this evening make an arrest in oak harbor of
9:35 pm
a male individual. the details of the information i'm going to turn over to the lead in this and i'll let him take it from here. >> thank you, chief. i'm a lieutenant and i'm the commander for the agency response team which has been the lead investigative group during this incident. as the chief stated about 6:30 tonight we arrested 20-year-old oak harbor man in this case. what led up to that is throughout last night and throughout the day we received numerous tips about persons of interest we should look at. today, one of the tips
9:36 pm
information would pursue. we began interviewing family members associated with the tip and it would be a stronger connection for us and investigators pulled down all of the security video footage outside the cascade mall. we were able to identify a suspect vehicle which we didn't have earlier. as we looked into that vehicle and vehicle information and made a stronger connection with our subject, and at that point, put out information to the sheriff's office to the city of oak harbor around the individual was taken into custody. his name is arcan cetin. i'll turn it over to the
9:37 pm
lieutenant to speak to the arrest itself. >> good evening. i'm with the sheriff's office and like all of the other agencies in this area, we wanted to bring this incident, this afternoon, with information from the task force the suspect may be a resident of the oak harbor area. i was preparing evidence in my office, and i overheard our scanner spotted a possible suspect car half a mile south of my office. it wasn't occupied at this time. i told my sergeant and reserve deputies to go help out. we proceeded southbound, one was ahead of me. and at the corner of 7th avenue northeast and oak harbor road, i
9:38 pm
saw an individual walking northbound on the sidewalk and i recognized the person i'd just viewed on my computer. i did an abrupt u-turn, pulled my gun and my serve and reserve deputy took him into custody. he said nothing. he was just in a zombie-like is the best way i can describe for him. he did not have a weapon with him, he had a leather sachel with what appeared to be a computer inside of the bag. police arrived and took him into custody. >> governor of the state of washington, i can say that our entire state is united. i've been across the state today from tacoma to burlington and i
9:39 pm
can say that all of our hearts are in burlington tonight. i know that there is seven in arms that would want to erase the losses. the state of washington is with this community and will be in days owe come. we're united in an amazingly powerful respect for law enforcement personnel and the work they do here. within 24 hours, to make this arrest, something like two dozen law enforcement agencies coordinated their activities, hundreds literally of law enforcement personnel did what they do every day, which is to put themselves on the line. i think we should note that these men and women put themselves on the line as they do often. and i respect that. i think all of us should. and just drove over the, sorry,
9:40 pm
the bridge over the skagit river. we know what it is to be a law enforcement agency. we want to them them for their coverage and their professionalism. we are united in knowing that the status quo is not good enough when it comes owe violence in our community. we certainly, none of us, i don't have the answers to this violence. but i do know this. passivivy in the face of violence is unacceptable. inaction in the face of this violence is unacceptable. i hope we're united to allow law enforcement to do their work and to do further investigation on this and act together to try to reduce the violence in our community. our hearts are in burlington tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you.
9:41 pm
>> i am the mayor of arlington. as mentioned last night we suffered an attack on our community. and it really defined me, what a community is. we saw people come together, we talk about the law enforcement community a lot. and this is what that is. right here. we have federal, state, county, city, all working together to help us when we need it most. i can't imagine what situation we'd be in if we're on our own trying to do this. i almost would guarantee you we won't have a suspect in custody if it weren't for the efforts of the men and women and i want to say thank you to everyone of them. in our community we suffered a devastating loss. five treasured members of the community who had done nothing more than what we have all done on any given day.
9:42 pm
gone to the shopping mall. that was us in the mall last night. any one of us, at any time. and it changed those families forever, we need to keep them in our prayers. it's changed our community, i'm afraid to some extent, together, it brought the world to our city and county. and i know that through the coming together i've seen this evening and today, throughout our city and county, individuals, people gathering to support one another. at the end of the day, we're going to be a stronger skagit county because of this. keep these folks in your prayers. i can't thank these men and women who answered our call in such a willing fashion to go in when we needed to get out. and quickly and as energetic as
9:43 pm
i did. >> we're going to open it up to questions. be aware this is still a investigation that is fresh. we just made an arrest. and so whoever can answer that we'll bring up. we're not trying to hide anything. we can tell you what we know at this time. it's not going to compromise that investigation. so we'll just start here, sir? >> did he try to run at all? what was his reaction? >> no. he didn't run. i hit my brakes and turned around. we both jumped out with guns and he just froze and we directed
9:44 pm
him not to do anything but comply. stood still. >> what was his motive? >> i have no idea. he didn't say a thing to me. >> we heard he had gotten his weapons from his father, have you heard that? >> i have not heard that. >> he had no weapons on him at the time? >> he was unarmed at the time. just a computer and personal effects in the satchel. he had been arrested last year for simple assault. the sheriff's office will investigate that. >> any mental instability? >> not that i'm aware of. >> do you know where the rifle he used is? >> i do not. if you would. >> sorry just put into a position of answering questions
9:45 pm
from a smart investigation as well. so whatever either one of us can answer there, would be happy to do so. >> more about the rifle? where it came from? >> at this point in time, it appears that the rifle may have been brought in from the vehicle that was there. we have not been able to work through all details of the ownership of the rifle at this point in time but we do have the rifle in custody. i did say earlier brig today the video footage shows that he initially walked into the mall unarmed and then, about 10 minutes later we see him in macy's, armed with a rifle. earlier, we didn't have the information about the vehicle to know about that. it appears now, that maybe the vehicle is going to where the weapon was held. >> do you know a motive? why this man? why this macy's? >> i wish i could. we're only a couple hours from
9:46 pm
taking him into custody. the next stage is to do interviews and learn more from him if he's willing to share that with us. what was going on and in addition we have to take that information -- >> and so an arrest in the shooting at the mall in washington state which killed five people. the motive is unknown. the governor and mayor are offering their heart felt condolences and praising the work of law enforcement who they say saved lives. thanks for joining us for now we go to justice with judge jeanine. system. the system is the enemy of america. what we treat, judge, is the effects, we have never went after the cause, and thanks to donald j. trump, he went to the heart of the matter, it's the cause. the system is the cause. so therefore, he said, we will create a whole new system, we will take this system apart. now, we're going to help the
9:47 pm
veterans, they're going to give veterans an opportunity where they can be able to be treated. we exult them and put themselves in harm's way, do all these great things, you wonderful guys. protecting our liberties, our freedoms and safety, and when they come back home. no treatment. all right. judge, i want you to know, this is my america. america's the greatest nation in the world. and i'm fighting for america and the will of the people, and donald j. trump is the will of the people. he stands strong, he's bold, he's brave, and we're going to win because the people will be doing themselves a favor. it ain't about party republican or democrat, this is about the people. >> i agree with you. now, how long have you known donald trump? >> many, many years. three decades, i know his daddy too, fred is smiling on us right now. hoe knows the time has come. it's going to be a revolution. when you are dealing with hypocrisy in a whole climate of lies to tell the truth is
9:48 pm
revolutiona revolutionary. donald trump, donald j. trump tells the truth. he is honest. and so he is not a politician, but he's a leader. and he's successful. he has that drive, he has the heart. and he's going to make things -- make america great again. >> don, can i ask you, i write my own opens. let me ask you a question. are you going to be at hofstra that the debate monday night? >> absolutely. absolutely. if you speak anything else, ya, german, dada, russian, you know what, heavyweight title fight -- >> what are you going to be doing in the audience? >> biggest fight of my life. the battle for liberty. and what does that mean? the cause is liberty, the goal is freedom. we want freedom in our country. we want what barbara jordan said many years ago, it's very simple. give the people what they want. give the people what america promised. >> don, we'll see you on -- i'm out of time.
9:49 pm
you've got it. >> vladimir putin, president putin -- >> forget putin, we're not doing that. don i absolutely love my new york apartment, but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance.
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for two weeks now, we've heard a lot about the health of the presidential candidates, their stamina, their age.
9:53 pm
so, for this week's "street justice," we decided to ask some health-conscience americans how important physical fitness is for a president. and modal sporting goods was kind enough to host us. take a look. i'm at modal sporting goods and i am practicing, because i think it's important that any commander in chief needs to be in great physical shape. do you think it's important for the commander in chief to be in good physical shape? >> absolutely. >> do you think either of the candidates are really in good physical shape? >> no. >> why do you say that? their doctors say they're in good physical shape? >> they're hold. >> here i am with the neoprene weights and i somehow think that our president had these. that's not normally what i work out with. to be commander in chief, you have to be able to lift the big one. do you think -- howal are you? i hate when these people are so
9:54 pm
much taller. do you think it's important for the commander in chief to be in good physical shape? >> no. >> what if we don't know if they're in good physical shape? >> then we have a problem. >> this is also known as the washington two-step. you say one thing and do another. >> duke age has anything to do with it? >> no. >> because they're both older, right? >> and this is known as the washington kettle ball, where you knock your opponent out and hopefully they still stay alive, you don't kill them. >> they're old and sit on their fat >> that's not true. we've been watching them. they're running on the other hand like crazy. >> i think she slipped and fell. >> she did. >>un i don't know. >> does the race bother you at all? >> no, anybody can be in shape. >> do you think age has anything do with their ability to be commander in chief? >> no. >> how older you? >> i'm 19. >> there it en lies. you work in a great store.
9:55 pm
model's. gotta go to mo's. gotta go to model's ♪ >> i work out a lot, i can see. >> i don't work out a lot. do you look like that. a >> are you going to vote? you have to vote. good for her, i love it. woman power. >> who is that? >> this is the punisher. >> oh, who should we be punishing? >> trump. >> if hillary and donald get in the risk, who wins? >> hillary. >> i think trump. >> hillary. >> knock out. we'll be right back. w
9:56 pm
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9:59 pm
and a reminder.e we've been talking about it the whole hour. the television event you've been thinking of, donald trump versus hillary clinton, and the first presidential debate of 2016, you cannot miss it, so don't. tune into fox news channel on monday. we will be live with coverage all day up to and including the showdown at 9:00 p.m. eastern, and after the debate, tune into shawn anity and you'll get to see his, panel of experts,
10:00 pm
including me. it's's monday, all day and all night right here on fox. thanks so much for watching. greg gugutfield is next. so you next week. monday night, actually. hi, i'm the guy the show's named after. here's what's coming up. there's something i gotta watch monday, monday night i can't remember what it is. it's not football. i know that. it will come to me. oh, yes, the debate. so why do folks want to watch this crazy mess? our giant man on the streets, tyrus, asks the little people. and amorosa says all critics will have to bow to president donald trump i guess so if he's elected to president of japan. plus, the very first installment of one of my monologues. let's get started, america, i gotta get up early to clean the hot tub.


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